21 July, 2017

Attack On IP

Dear Customers,

About 3 hours ago (8:25PM, 21 July 2017), our upstream network provider 
detected a NTP reflection attack against the server on IP  The attack is so overwhelming that we had to null-route (blackhole) the IP to avoid congestion in the whole network, all domains hosted on this server are not functioning as a result.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused to customers on IP, but such attack is not predictable or preventable. We have to bring down the server. Even if we leave the server up, all web sites and emails would not be accessible because of the attack.

We are closely monitoring the situation and will bring it up once we see the attack is over.

We will keep you updated here.

Update 2pm, 22 July: The server has been brought online. But we will still need to monitor the situation. Again sorry for the inconvenience caused to customers affected and thank you for your patience. 

SingaporeWebHosting.com Support

27 October, 2016

Scheduled Server Reboot - Kernel Flaw Patching

Dear Valued Customers,

Date: 29th Oct 2016
Time: 10.00 PM SGT +0800
ETA : 30 minutes

Maintenance Details:

We will apply kernel patch to all servers.

Maintenance effect:
During the maintenance time frame, all servers will not be accessible until its complete.

What will happen during maintenance?
All servers will arrange reboot to deploy new patch to allowed it take effect.

More detail information about this patching, please refer to portal below.

Thank you for your attention and understanding.
Best Regards, 


20 April, 2015

DDOS Attack to server on IP

Dear Customers,

A couple moment ago (8:30PM, 20 Apr 2015), we detected a network outrage which brought interruption for our network. Upon checking, the server on IP was receiving over 2Gbps DDOS attack. Since the DDOS attack traffic is so high that firewall could not stop it, we are currently null route ( black hole ) IP for the moment, all domains hosted on this server is not functioning as a result.

And unfortunately we are not able to know how long the attack will last. We are closely monitoring the situation and will bring it up once we see the attack is over.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused to customers on IP, but DDOS attack is not predictable or preventable, we have to bring down the server in such case. Even if we leave the server up, all web sites and emails would not be accessible because of the attack.

We will keep you updated here.

Update: Attack is still ongoing. 10AM, 21 Apr 2015.

Update: Attack traffic patten seems gone, server is up now. But we still need to monitor the traffic. 12PM, 21 Apr 2015.

SingaporeWebHosting.com Support

02 December, 2014

Scheduled Data Center Migration & Downtime

Dear Valued Customers,

As part of our continuous commitment to provide better service and better hosting experience to our valued clients, we would like to hereby announce that a major data centre migration and consolidation exercise will be carried out in December 2014.

Where are we migrating to?

We will be migrating all our servers from the present data centres at Global Switch @ Tai Seng to Pacnet Singapore SGSC2 @ Paya Lebar.

As a leading provider of integrated technology solutions for enterprise and carrier customers, Pacnet owns and manages the longest privately-owned subsea cable network, measuring up to 46,000 km, in the Asia-Pacific region with more than 110 Points of Presence (PoPs) around the world.

Why are we migrating?

  • Redundant network connectivity.
  • Reduced network downtime by having redundant network connectivity from multiple bandwidth providers.
  • Pacnet SGSC2 is fully compliant with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) security guidelines and is further confirmed by the independent third party Threat Vulnerability Risk Assessment (TVRA).
  • Pacnet SGSC2 is also PCI DSS 2.0, ISO 9001 and ISO 2700 certified.
  • Better network accessibility in terms of speed and stability.

Who will be affected?

All clients currently hosted under SingaporeWebHosting.com will be affected by this migration exercise. 

When will this happen?

The migration and consolidation exercise will be carried out in several small batches in order to ensure a smooth migration:

Date: 18th, 19th, 25th, 26th, December 2014
Time: 11.00 PM
Estimated Server Uptime: 7.00 AM

What will happen during the migration?

1.We will physically unplug the servers from the present Global Switch Data Centre and transport them to the new Pacnet Data Centre located at Paya Lebar.
2.An Estimated 6-8 hours of downtime is to be expected during the migration exercise.
3.There will be NO changes of IP addresses to your hosting accounts / servers upon the completion of the new data centre migration.

What Are The Things You Need To Prepare?

We recommend all users to run a full data backup that are currently hosted in your subscription with us to your local desktop/laptop/external drive as an extra precaution for this migration exercise.

Once again, we would like to thank you for your support, your kind understanding and your great patience. Upon completion of this migration and consolidation exercise, we believe that we will be able to provide you with better service that will guarantee a better hosting experience with us.

SingaporeWebHosting.com Support

26 April, 2013

IMPORTANT: Please Secure Your Password, Computers & Applications

Dear Customers,

Recently we noticed a few cases of spam emails sent from domains hosted with us. All our customers are legitimate businesses and do not send spams themselves, however virus affected computers, weak or leaked passwords, hacked web application, etc. may cause spam emails sent from your account.

Please note, spamming is strictly not allowed on our servers, and it's customer's responsibility to secure their own computers, passwords and applications and make sure they are not compromised.

If any account is found sending spam emails, for whatever reason, the account will be suspended immediately without notice and it will not be re-activated.

Please understand, spamming is very serious issue in hosting industry, it may cause server IP blacklisted therefore cause lots of problems to many other customers on the same server. We must take strong action promptly to protect all our customers.

To avoid email account compromised and account suspended, please do these immediately, yes, I mean NOW:

1)Warn all your users not to open any unexpected email attachment, which contains virus in most cases. Do not download anything from web sites that you do not really know.

2)Keep your anti-virus/firewall software updated and scan all your computers everyday.

3)Warn your users not to leak password, personal info etc. to anyone, especially online. Do not post your email address online if possible.

4)Change all your email account passwords to strong ones: min 8 characters with random combination of capital/small letters, numbers and special characters, no dictionary words, no username or part of username in password, no personal information in password, no company name / telephone number / calendar dates etc. It's advisable to use the password generator in cPanel.

5)Change all your email passwords regularly.

6)Do not login to your email on any public computers such as in hotel, airport, library, Internet cafe etc.

7)Keep your web application and scripts updated and patched up.

8)Do NOT use the same password for different accounts or services, for example, do NOT use the same password for your email as your Facebook/Twitter etc. account.

9)If possible, do NOT user common names as email address such as admin@yourdomain, support@yourdomain, info@yourdomain, test@yourdomain etc.

Thank you for your attention.


06 December, 2012

IMPORTANT: Server Migration on 09 Dec 2012

Dear Customers,

This is to inform you that SingaporeWebHosting.com network will be down on 09 Dec 2012 GMT 8 (Sunday) from around 2PM to 8PM as we will be moving to a carrier neutral data center (Epsilon).

We will move all equipment such as routers, switches, servers and etc. from SingTel EXPAN DataCenter to Epsilon DataCenter hence we will need more time to do it right although we expect the move of equipment to be within 3 hours time.

Why the move?

In order to purchase more bandwidth at lower price in the future and have more choices of network links in a carrier neutral data center. There is a need to increase bandwidth due to the number of fibre users increasing in Singapore. If we continue to stay in SingTel (Expan) DC, we would have problems to provide normal service to our clients as the price of rack space rental and bandwidth of SingTel EXPAN DC is very high compared to other data centers and have been increasing around 15% every year, and we would have limited choice of network links since SingTEL EXPAN DC is not a carrier neutral data center.

Sorry for the scheduled downtime and inconvenience caused, and thank you for your kind understanding and continued support.

Kindest regards,
SingaporeWebHosting.com Support

07 February, 2012

Server Migration Due to CentOS 4 EOL

Dear Customers,

CentOS 4 will be EOLed (End-Of-Life) after Feb 29, 2012:

Some of our servers are running on CentOS 4 and we have to upgrade them all to latest CentOS 6. Doing backup, then re-installing OS then restoring all accounts on existing server will take 12 hours and cause long downtime. To avoid service disruptions, we decided to move accounts currently on CentOS 4 server to new server running CentOS 6. The process will not cause any downtime.

We will start migration today 7 Feb 2012, and will update here when it's all done.

However, please note:

1)Users may notice warning message in cPanel:

This copy of cPanel / WHM is a trial version and will expire at the end of the trial term. You will need to upgrade to a paid copy of cPanel / WHM to continue using the software after that term.

You do not need to worry about the warning. We use a temporary cPanel license during the migration and it does not affect functions of the hosting accounts. After migration is done, we will switch to formal paid license.

2)While upgrading CentOS, PHP and MySQL will be upgraded as well. The PHP running on new server is PHP5.3+, and MySQL is MySQL5.1+. If you find error message on your web pages after migration (which is rare but may happen), please make sure your application is compatible with latest PHP and MySQL.

3)For domains that use our nameservers, users do not need to do anything. But for domains that are not using our nameservers and not registered via us, you have to update domain DNS records to new IP address yourself as the domain is not in our control. We will inform users who need to update DNS records by email, please update ASAP after receiving our email. The old servers will be shutdown after migration and the domains will stop functioning if DNS record is not updated by that time.

Thank you for attention.


23 December, 2011

Scheduled Maintenance & Downtime During The Weekend

There was HDD errors with Gold server on 22 Dec that caused downtime from around 12:30PM to 7PM.

We've managed to bring the server up but there will be urgent HDD replacement in this coming weekend after 11pm till 6am (meaning Sat or Sun, yes we will do it on Christmas Eve or on Christmas day to reduce impact). We will also implement hardware checks on all other servers at the same time, so all hosting service users please expect downtime or service disruption during this period.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for kind understanding.

Wish all users and customers Merry Christmas and Happy 2012.

SingaporeWebHosting.com Support

03 December, 2011

DDOS Attack on 3 Dec, from 6PM

One of the servers on our uplink provider's network is under DDOS attack, it's so bad and heavy that the whole network was affected. The attack started from around 6PM, 3 Dec 2011 and is still ongoing as of this writing (10PM).

We've managed to route the attack traffic for most part and brought most servers back to normal, however the attack is above 1 GBPS and some servers within the network are still not working properly. One of our server is not back to normal yet.

We will try our best to sort it out and keep you updated here.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for understanding.

Update @11PM: all our servers should be back online by now. There might be disruptions in next few days as uplink can still detect attack. We will be monitoring and work together with uplink provider to reduce the impact as much as we can.

Update 3PM 4 Dec 2011: There's another round of attack that's affecting some servers. We are working on it.

Update 6:30PM 4 Dec 2011: All servers should be ok now. However the attack is still going on, there might be service disruption in next few days. We cannot stop DDOS attack but we will do our best to reduce the impact.

SingaporeWebHosting.com Support

23 February, 2010

Outbound Port 80 Blocked On All Servers

Due to potential abuse, we have blocked outbound port 80 on all servers in order to prevent exploited scripts/applications to include attacks/spamming scripts from external sites.

If your applications/scripts need to connect to external sites to includes/fetch files from external sites, please inform us the remote IP addresses that your application needs to connect to so that we can whitelist it in firewall.

The implementation only affects apache user aka nobody. If your account uses its account cgi script or run in crontab to execute a script under your own username to fetch files or content from external sites, it's not blocked.

Thanks for your attention.

SWH Support

02 November, 2009

Scheduled Maintenance at SingTel EXPAN DataCenter on 22 Nov 2009 from 00:01 till 02:00

Dear valued customers,

This is to inform you that SingTel EXPAN DataCenter will be carrying out cyclical replacement for the existing 2 x UPS (2-3 & 2-4) systems supporting our racks in ComCentre III Data Centre on level 2.

The date/time for the UPS Systems replacement have been scheduled between:

START : 22nd November 2009, 0001 hrs (Singapore Time)

END : 22nd November 2009, 0200 hrs (Singapore Time)

A. Objectives
- Cyclical Replacement of UPS
- To enhance the design of existing UPS Systems

B. Benefits
- Reliable and Efficient System
- To minimize breakdown
- Robust and improve maintainability

C. Impact To Customers (What you need to note/do?)
- Prior to the UPS systems replacement work, SingTel and we strongly recommend that all customers backup your critical data and we are required to shutdown all our equipments in the Datacenter by the date/timings as stated above.
- Above *START* indicates the date/time that power will be cut-off to our cages/racks/equipments.
- Above *END* (normalization of power) indicates the date/time that power will be normalized to our cages/racks/equipments.
- Customers/we are required to shutdown all equipments 30mins before the *START* time. At the *START* time, SingTel will proceed to cut-off the power supply to all cages/racks/equipments.
- At the *END* time, SingTel will proceed to normalize the power supply to the respective cages/racks/equipments. Customers may proceed to start-up all equipments 30mins after the respective *END* time.

D. Contingencies
- All necessary contingencies are in place. SingTel will reverse to the original setup if the process is permissible should the unforeseen occurs.
- Generators and UPS static bypass will support DC operations should there be any unforeseen power outages during the works.
- All technical experts will be stationed onsite to resolve any electrical issues that may arise during the works.
- Buffers have been factored in the work plan for observation/stabilization for the executed work. This period is also the built-in time to address any unforeseen delay that may arise from the works.

E. Note
- SingTel strongly recommend customers to make prior arrangement to backup your critical data shutdown all equipments 30mins before the *START* time for cages/racks/equipments so as to mitigate any unforeseen delays/risk that may arise during the replacement works.

Affected Customers: All SingaporeWebHosting.com virtual hosting, VPS, dedicated servers and colocate customers in Singapore.

All customers, please take note of the scheduled maintenance/downtime and do a full backup of your own data before 22nd November 2009.

Thank you for kind understanding and support.


26 June, 2009

Network Problem

Update: it's back to normal 10:15AM

There's network problem in datacenter from around 9:30AM, all servers are not accessible. Our uplink provider is aware of the issue and trying to bring it up as soon as possible.

Sorry for the inconvenience and kind understanding.

22 April, 2009

Silver Server Down

Update 11:50 - It's up from around 11:30.

Silver server services went down from around 8:40 this morning, we rebooted it remotely but it still did not respond. Our server admin is on the way to datacenter to check onsite.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused to users on Silver server, we are trying our best to bring it back online.

03 November, 2008

Urgent Maintenance for Gold Server

Update 4:35AM: Done, and we are monitoring.

We noticed some disk error on gold server just now (2AM, 3 Nov, 2008) and have to carry out urgent maintenance on gold server starting from around 3:30AM to 6:30AM, hopefully it can be completed earlier.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for kind understanding.


15 September, 2008

DDOS To Network

Update 9PM 15 Sep: Most sites should be up. If you still cannot access your domain, it's either because your ISP hasn't updated their DNS cache or your domain is not using our nameservers, you need to update A record for your domain yourself.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Update 7PM 15 Sep: The attack is still ongoing, and the worst thing is, we do not know when it will be over.

So we have managed to get new IP addresses for our server and changed our server IPs. If your domain is using our nameservers (you should), you do not need to do anything. We've made changes to our DNS IPs and sites should be up soon.

If your domain is NOT using our nameservers, please change server IPs yourself. Just change IP from 203.175.160.x to 203.175.163.x

For example, if you are currently using, change it to

If yours is reseller account, you need to change your nameserver IPs instead of account IP.

-------------End Update-----------

Bad News !

There's Heavy DDOS attack to our uplink provider's network, 1gbps attack, the worst one in past few years to whole Singtel network. All our servers (and many other hosting providers on same network) are not accessible from around 1:30pm 15 Sep.

The attack is against other server, not ours, but it's too heavy, all servers on the network are affected.

We are monitoring and trying our best to find a solution but cannot estimate when the attack will be over since it's out of our control, not even in Singtel's control.

Will post here when there's updates.

Sorry for inconvenience and thank you for kind understanding.


PS. backup server is not a solution for such DDOS attack. As the whole network is under attack, all servers are not accessible. It's not practical to maintain a backup server for all servers in another datacenter. Even if it's possible to maintain backup servers in another datacenter, moving all account data to the other datacenter, making changes to IP address, waiting for DNS update, it would be a few days later considering the amount of domains/accounts affected.

07 August, 2008

Scheduled Maintenance at Sintel EXPAN Datacenter

Please be informed that Singtel EXPAN datacenter will be conducting scheduled maintenance on 16 Aug AND 17 Aug, 2008.

All customers, especially VPS, dedicated server and server colocation customers, please do your own backup before implementation of the maintenance.

The following is given by SingTel.

Dear Customers,

SingTel EXPAN will be conducting* Cyclical UPS Parts (Capacitors and
Fans) Replacement* in accordance to guidelines set by UPS manufacturer;

_*Commencement Date/ Time*_**

*16-08-08/ 1700hrs (SGT) to 17-08-08/ 0730hrs (SGT)*

_*Purpose of Works*_**

Following the recommended cyclical parts replacement guidelines set by
the UPS manufacturer, the AC/DC capacitors and fans for the UPS 5-1 and
6-1 have to be replaced. This would ensure that the performance of UPS
5-1, 6-1 (1+1 setup - function as a pair) is maintained within

_*Impact on Services*_* *

* During the implementation work, the customer load on the UPSes
will be transferred to external maintenance bypass.
* In this instance, Customer?s load will be supported by Raw power
from the PowerGrid which are back-up by the building generator
supply during the replacement works.
* In the event that the raw power supply from the grid is disrupted,
customer?s load on single power feed supply (A source/power strip)
will be affected.
* *Customers are advised to backup your critical data or divert your
critical services before the implementation period where neccessary.*

_*Remarks (See attached table)*_**

* For customers hosted in Com3 - level 4, above mentioned UPSes are
supplying power to PDU 9, 10A and 11A
* For customers hosted in Com3 - level 2, above mentioned UPSes are
supplying power to PDU 13A

Picture (Device Independent Bitmap)

Feel free to contact us should you require further clarification on this

Thank you.

Warmest Regards

This is to inform you that SingTel will be carrying out a network maintenance activity for their Network Switch at SingTel premises by SingTel Network Engineer on 17 Aug 2008 from 12:01 AM till 04:00 AM Singapore Time (SGT). The circuit will be interrupted up to 5 minutes during this maintenance window and expect to have a network downtime when the interruption occurred.

01 June, 2008

Fire at ThePlanet Datacenter

Update at 5:30PM 2 June: It's up now. Hope it's finally fixed, instead of kind of testing.

There're only a few clients on our Windows server, but if you happen to be on Windows server and wondering why your web site and email is not accessible from this morning til this moment 5PM 1 June 2008, and counting, here's the news on fire at ThePlanet datacenter, where our Windows server is located:

From Doug Erwin:
This evening at 4:55pm CDT in our H1 data center, electrical gear shorted, creating an explosion and fire that knocked down three walls surrounding our electrical equipment room. Thankfully, no one was injured. In addition, no customer servers were damaged or lost.

We have just been allowed into the building to physically inspect the damage. Early indications are that the short was in a high-volume wire conduit. We were not allowed to activate our backup generator plan based on instructions from the fire department.

This is a significant outage, impacting approximately 9,000 servers and 7,500 customers. All members of our support team are in, and all vendors who supply us with data center equipment are on site. Our initial assessment, although early, points to being able to have some service restored by mid-afternoon on Sunday. Rest assured we are working around the clock.

We are in the process of communicating with all affected customers. we are planning to post updates every hour via our forum and in our customer portal. Our interactive voice response system is updating customers as well.

There is no impact in any of our other five data centers.

I am sorry that this accident has occurred and I apologize for the impact.
Sadly it's not in our control and at this time we do not have an estimate...

Update at 1PM 2 June: It's still not up after more than 1 day. Here's update from the datacenter:

As previously committed, I would like to provide an update on where we stand following yesterday's explosion in our H1 data center. First, I would like to extend my sincere thanks for your patience during the past 28 hours. We are acutely aware that uptime is critical to your business, and you have my personal commitment that The Planet team will continue to work around the clock to restore your service.

As you have read, we have begun receiving some of the equipment required to start repairs. While no customer servers have been damaged or lost, we have new information that damage to our H1 data center is worse than initially expected. Three walls of the electrical equipment room on the first floor blew several feet from their original position, and the underground cabling that powers the first floor of H1 was destroyed.

There is some good news, however. We have found a way to get power to Phase 2 (upstairs, second floor) of the data center and to restore network connectivity. We will be powering up the air conditioning system and other necessary equipment within the next few hours. Once these systems are tested, we will begin bringing the 6,000 servers online. It will take four to five hours to get them all running.

We have brought in additional support from Dallas to have more hands and eyes on site to help with any servers that may experience problems. The call center has also brought in double staff to handle the increase in tickets we're expecting. Hopefully by sunrise tomorrow Phase 2 will be well on its way to full production.

Let me next address Phase 1 (first floor) of the data center and the affected 3,000 servers. The news is not as good, and we were not as lucky. The damage there was far more extensive, and we have a bigger challenge that will require a two-step process. For the first step, we have designed a temporary method that we believe will bring power back to those servers sometime tomorrow evening, but the solution will be temporary. We will use a generator to supply power through next weekend when the necessary gear will be delivered to permanently restore normal utility power and our battery backup system. During the upcoming week, we will be working with those customers to resolve issues.

We know this may not be a satisfactory solution for you and your business but at this time, it is the best we can do.

We understand that you will be due service credits based on our Service Level Agreement. We will proactively begin providing those following the restoration of service, which is our number priority, so please bear with us until this has been completed.

I recognize that this is not all good news. I can only assure you we will continue to utilize every means possible to fully restore service.

I plan to have an audio update tomorrow evening.

Until then,

Douglas J. Erwin
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

29 December, 2007

cPanel Bug

There's cPanel bug which caused cPanel not loading from 9:30AM today on Platinum, Silver, Gold server. We're working on debugging and will inform clients here once it's back to normal.

It does not affect any function of hosting accounts though, so no worry, your email and web site are working fine.

Sorry for inconvenience caused and thank you for kind understanding.

Update 8pm: it's back to normal.

03 November, 2007

Upgrade to PHP 5

We will upgrade Silver, Tina and Platinum servers to PHP 5 tonight (3/11/2007, Sat). There won't be disruption to service, if everything goes smoothly.

Gold server had been upgraded to PHP 5 on 18/10/2007 and it is working fine.

Still, we would like to remind all clients to make sure all your PHP applications/scripts are version 5 compatible.

If your PHP application was broken after the upgrade, touch wood, please refer to PHP migration guide and consult your programmer:


We are not able to troubleshoot your PHP scripts as we know nothing about it. It's your web designer/programmer's responsibility to make it PHP 5 compatible.

Than you for your attention.

18 October, 2007

SingTel Maintenance on 10 Nov & Gold Server Maintenance on 18 Oct

This is to inform you that:

1)SingTel EXPAN data center will be having their power system maintenance scheduled on 10 Nov 2007 at 2200 hr till 11 Nov 2007 at 1200 hr.

The following are given by SingTel EXPAN:
Reason: To facilitate Annual Genset On-Load Testing at Comcentre III.
This is part of SingTel commitments to ensure resilience of the power

Impact: No impact is expected. However SingTel recommend you to back up
your critical data and/or divert your service if necessary.

Please do backup your data.

(In fact, all clients should do regular backups).

2)We are going to replace hard drives on Gold Server and upgrade PHP/MySQL tonight (18 Oct 2007) after midnight (19 Oct 2007 early morning).

There will be around 4 hours of downtime while we replace HDD and reinstall new OS.

Since all servers will have to be upgraded to PHP5 by end of this year:


we do it together with HDD change for Gold server.

MySQL will be upgraded to version 5 as well accordingly.

(If your using MySQL with different character set from default, the database may not work after upgrading from MySQL4.0.27 to MySQL5 as MySQL changed the way to handle character set. Please consult with your programmer on how to fix the character set issue.)

Thank you for your attention and cooperation.